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PeopleTray vs CorePlan for Drilling Contractors

June 1, 2023

PeopleTray vs CorePlan for Drilling Contractors

Drilling Software
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Megan Gammie

CorePlan vs PeopleTray compared for drilling contractors

What is PeopleTray ?

PeopleTray is a digital platform that was built to solve a variety of problems for the mining industry. PeopleTray offers customers a choice from a series of modules that each tackle a specific business area, from people, to assets, to SHEQ and more.

PeopleTray for drilling contractors

PeopleTray wasn’t built specifically for drilling, but can be configured to suit the needs of drilling. So how are drilling contractors using PeopleTray?

Drillers can use PeopleTray as a digital form tool to capture their daily drilling data in the field, as well as submit hazard reports and checklists. This can also be done offline if users are working in remote locations.

Captured data is sent to a central web portal, where it can be stored with a range of other business data.

Can you invoice clients using PeopleTray?

PeopleTry doesn’t currently support invoicing, so you’ll need to purchase an additional tool(s) or implement alternative processes to manage client billing at this time. 

Does PeopleTray have a data approval and analytics?

PeopleTray does not have data approval and analytics included in their modules, so you’ll need to take this into consideration with how verify data before sharing it with your clients.

A PeopleTray alternative

CorePlan is a PeopleTray alternative for drilling contractors that enables them to manage their complete drilling worfklow. This includes tools to help plan, manage, execute, report and analyse all aspects of their operations such as client and staff management, cost records, performance breakdowns, contracts, scheduling and more.

It’s a modern, cloud-based platform that’s designed to help your team drill smarter, not harder, by automating repetitive paperwork across multiple areas of your business so your team can focus on what they do best.

See how CorePlan’s drilling intelligence platform can help you take your drilling operations to the next level by integrating all areas of your drilling workflow into one central digital location.

Start now.

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This article was produced in good faith by referencing publicly available materials on PeopleTray's website in February of 2023. We have taken great care to be as accurate as possible based on the available material. If we have missed any information please don’t hesitate to contact us and request a revision. 

We recommend evaluating all options and making a decision based on value, time to adopt, ease of use and future-proofing. A drilling contractors’ software buyers guide is available to assist.

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