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CorePlan is a web based platform where both exploration and drilling companies go to work.

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For Exploration

Optimise your operations by streamlining exploration, mining and field processes from planning to completion.

Take the hassle out of exploration management with our straightforward planning, scheduling and reporting workflows.

Simplify processes through digitised cost contracts, drill production, sample dispatch, safety management, and more.

For Drilling

Enhance visibility and raise operational efficiency through streamlined activities and effortless reporting.

Simplify data entry to allow your team to collect consistent data, standardise operations, and identify and resolve issues.

Automate end of day reporting with seamless review, approval, and data sharing workflows.

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SaaS is here

Software as a Service provides game-changing efficiencies to the mining industry with lower up-front costs, quick set-up and deployment, and increased accessibility.

Easy-to-use mobile applications

Access all of your data through one central location, anywhere, anytime. Automated data collection and real-time analytics eliminates thousands of potential errors.

Try before you buy

We offer a free demo so you can access the fully functioning features of CorePlan including drill planning, field activities, drill production, sample dispatch, tenements, and more.

Customisable solutions

We want you to have a personalised experience, that's why we genuinely listen to your needs and customise the software accordingly. We also provide around the clock support.

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Global base metals producer.

Global base metals producer.

Implementing CorePlan as a mine management system produced these key outcomes:

- Improved overall visibility across business units with increased trust in information;

- Reduced manual reporting with auditable processes and secure data;

- 15%-30% efficiency increases across all information management processes.

Global base metals producer.

Global supplier of mining survey technology.

We developed Axis onSite™ on top of our SaaS platform to allow wireless transfer of survey data from any tool to the cloud.

- Single tool hire workflow for contractors with seamless integration with field tablets;

- Immediate and secure data delivery to the client eliminating information lag;

- Increased competitive advantage and take-up of product globally.

Global base metals producer.

Global gold mining company.

CorePlan streamlined exploration workflow and produced these key results:

- 2x faster deployment of system for new projects;

- 50% improvement in the integration of production and project data;

- 10%-20% efficiency increase across all information management processes.