About Team CorePlan

Our company was born after 15 years in the mining industry entrenched in the frustration with legacy desktop mining software and traditional cumbersome manual process.  

We build simple to use software designed for the unique workflows of a mining environment, aimed to keep geology teams focused on discovery, ensure drilling companies are  running optimally and deliver data needed to better understand the geology.  

Unifying the geology and drilling workflow from the traditional siloed practices delivers valuable insights and empowers teams to work in real-time.  To deliver this we designed CorePlan, a modern digital operations platform, low cost and flexible software as a service.  

We’ve invested heavily in our technology stack to ensure we are flexible, provide low cost integrations and connect more and more data feeds into the workflow. We aim to play nicely with best of breed modern software including those outside of the mining workflow for end to end business outcomes. 

The Core Team
Alex Goulios
Chid Gilovitz
Lead Developer
Macalister Walton
Geospatial Developer
Alice Brooks
Marketing Coordinator
Kim Wong
Product Lead
Eugene Lee
JS, React, NodeJS Developer
Adrian Martinez
Python & Django Developer
Sachee Perera profile photo
Sachee Perera
Growth Lead
The Board
Jeff Elliot
MD – CSA Global
Chris Morrissey
CEO – Ever Nimble
Ryan Smyth
Director – Stratium Group