Safety Management built for Mining

Make safety your priority.

Digitise your forms and get rid of bulky document folders with CorePlan Safety Hub. Works offline too.

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“Talisman Mining has been keeping track of our exploration activities with the CorePlan Safety app. It has allowed us to provide better safety governance and increased visibility across our operations.”

Tony Greenaway
General Manager – Geology

Designed for the way people work today

CorePlans safety management software transforms hour long chores into a quick way for your field crew to capture and access important safety information in the palm of their hands.  The easier you make it for them, the safer you make it for them.

Intuitive and easy to use for anyone in the field, no PHDs required!
No need for bulky folders that need constant updating. Centrally manage and push documents and emergency contacts easily.
Ensure you are meeting your safety standards to make sure your staff have a safe working environment.

Safety management with all the detail

CorePlan's Mobile app lets you capture everything from the field without the paperwork. No more filling in sheets, losing them or carrying around outdated safety documents.

Safety by the numbers

The safety dashboard gathers data from each of your projects and makes it digestible. Data collected from the field is sorted and organised so you can see the big picture at a glance or drill down for more details.
Safety Project Dashboard showing lead and lag indicators for incidents and inspections
Example of form input on the coreplan safety mobile app

Log inspections and incidents quickly and easily

Build your own forms to suit your workflow. These can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want them to be with dropdown selection, checkboxes, gps coordinates and more.

screenshot of coreplan safety hub mobile app for document access

Store all documents in one place

Don't worry about having to keep all your policies and procedure folders constantly updated. Manage these centrally and push out for all your staff to access.

screenshot of coreplan safety hub mobile app for document access

Manage your safety contacts.

Assign all important contact information for each and every project for your crew to access. Update them at the click of a button from your web portal.

CorePlan is more than just software.

The power, flexibility, and mobility of our software has earned us more than 500 happy users — who are our greatest advocates. With CorePlan, you’re not just saving time and money. You’re finding a better way to do business.
24/7 support and world-class service
Seamless user experience
Continuous development