Sales Development Representative

Full Time

The mining industry has dealt with technology from the last century for far too long. Imagine software that’s slow, clunky and you need a mini PhD to figure out how to use it. 

That’s exactly why we’ve built CorePlan.

The past 12 months have seen a phenomenal business growth for us with over 10x in revenue with over 400 users.

CorePlan empowers mining and drilling companies in mineral exploration to work smarter by moving from email and spreadsheets to a full digital operations platform.

With your help, we have ambitious goals to scale the business locally, globally (and then the moon!). Our customers range from large mineral exploration companies like AngloGold and Chalice Mining to entrepreneurial drilling companies such as Durock and Raglan to small boutique drillers and innovative juniors.

Our team is small but we are gearing for growth to double our headcount in the next couple of months. 

What is the role?

You will be part of the founding members of our drilling Sales team that will see you engaging with drilling companies across Australia.

Our target market is defined and we know exactly who our customers are and what they want. This role will see you conducting outreach to SMBs (Small to Medium Business), conducting demos and closing these deals.

The way our customers talk about us when we meet them makes us blush, and our reputation in the market is super important to us. 

We take this role very seriously and so will you. We will provide extensive and ongoing coaching and training. We have done this before and understand what is needed to be successful.


  • Prospect, identify & own your patch: own and take accountability for your lead portfolio.
  • Make lots of phone calls & send lots of emails: ​work quickly through leads using modern sales tools 
  • Pitch perfect: clearly articulate the unique CorePlan value proposition, run discovery and handle objections through education before they arise.
  • Understand customer problems and manage each lead through key stages of outreach
  • Close inbound leads that we receive through our marketing.
  • Manage and maintain your leads and contacts in our CRM.
  • Master the CRM: we use Hubspot, which is the greatest CRM ever built and we want you to know it back to front.

Why should you care about this role?

  • You will be jumping aboard a rocket ship at the ground floor!
  • Push your own projects. You'll do more than you ever thought was possible. Work with the team, build your own things. Have ideas and make them happen.
  • Our team is the best part about CorePlan. Work with and learn from an ambitious team.
  • You'll learn about everything that goes into building and growing a tech startup.
  • We're at the early stages, and just getting started. We want to shape CorePlan together with you. We'll make lots of mistakes along the way. Here you'll be able to try out whatever feels right to you.

In the first week, expect to:

  • Onboard and integrate into CorePlan.
  • Learn CorePlan’s model, our value proposition, and our story.
  • Learn the breadth of CorePlan’s impact on the Mining industry.
  • Grasp the importance of the outbound function to the success of CorePlan.
  • Understand our sales method and our selling process to set you up for success.

In the first month, expect to:

  • Set OKRs with your manager & determine your ideal career path at CorePlan (whether Senior SDR, Account Executive, Marketing, Product or other).
  • Complete our personalized sales training program, complete with mock calls, cold calls, and role-play scenarios.
  • Learn how to use Hubspot, as well as other tools in the outreach process.
  • Learn the process for outreach, including calling, emailing, and LinkedIn messaging. Implement an outreach process and hit 1-month objectives.
  • Learn how to analyse industry drivers, business problems, and target buyers.

In the first 3 months, expect to:

  • Become fully onboarded into the team.
  • Hit call/email/demo/sales quotas and fully meet objectives.
  • Become proficient in using our SaaS tools.
  • Learn how to maintain excellent data integrity in Hubspot

In the first six months, expect to:

  • Continuously hit quotas and objectives.
  • Assist with training and onboarding new SDRs.
  • Start progressing from SMB to SME sales.
  • Suggest, implement and experiment with new lead and demand generation activities.
  • Completed strategy sessions and workshops on product, marketing, sales and growth.
  • Have laid the foundations to your career path at CorePlan or outside in the startup world.

You’d be perfect for us if you 

  • Act like an owner not a renter. Take accountability like this is your business.
  • Have passion for all things tech or a strong grasp of technology! If you're a digital native, you're in!
  • Have demonstrable cold call, customer management and sales experience. (1 to 2 years is enough)
  • Understand the need for resilience is part of your week, and are happy to get stuck in.
  • Be confident on the phone and in person with new people.
  • Have a keen interest in sales and/or marketing with an appreciation for understanding people.
  • You will have a humble, self-improvement mindset with a love for being part of a high performing team that’s not afraid to push the envelope.

Why CorePlan?

We are a modern SaaS startup born out of Western Australia and having achieved product-market fit in 2020, we are ready to rapidly scale the business.

You can read more about us on Startup news here.

Expect autonomy, responsibility and problem solving like you've never imagined, in a fast-paced growth environment. We work with impact, surrounded by amazing people who love what they do. 

Our mission at CorePlan is to help the mining industry work better together in the modern age. And, that’s why we have built the world’s easiest to use and most powerful digital operations platform for mining.