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Alice Brooks

March 26, 2021

There are a number of idiosyncratic ways of collecting data for in-field activities, yet have you ever stopped and questioned yourself as to why there are so many, and if there is a better way? If using pen and paper, or excel is really the best way to record your exploration projects? Or why there are no industry standards for how exploration and drilling projects are recorded in the mining industry?

It seems that everyone has crafted their own unique style of gathering data, paying subscriptions for different services aimed at helping you to 'do better' but quite often it falls short of the ultimate solution in exploration software and data storage. Frequently doing the exact opposite of what you want it to do, with data slipping through the cracks, losing time and money when these systems fail to have the symbiotic relationship you once envisioned in your mind.

At CorePlan we want to empower the CEO, the CFO and their teams with digital tools that enable people to work smarter, not harder. Where you can go to track your projects in real-time and to eradicate multi-system chaos which condone and nurture work silos.

We want to promote a world where capturing data is as quick, easy and simple as booking an Uber. Where you can use one web-based exploration software to gather data from your project and keep it in one harmonious, beautiful place. g

CorePlan is designed so that planning projects, from planning to completion to cost control is streamlined and efficient for you and your business. It is the ideal work management tool as it has been developed with you and your workflow in mind so that we can help return the balance of time, costs and sanity.

These are just some of the ways that CorePlan can help you to be better, smarter and faster like Usain Bolt.

Be Smarter with Operations

Stop waiting for analytics of your project to come to you, track them down in real-time using CorePlan’s dashboard overview (We also have daily visual management dashboards for rig and drilling activity, so you can automate and consolidate all your approvals and reporting without having the need to run manual excel based calculations). All data is logged in real-time, and you can utilise CorePlan to easily determine how your project is tracking. You can react in near-real time so you are always at the front and centre of your drilling and work programmes.


Pull in-depth reports at the touch of a button, and oversee projects from just an overview to being able to deep dive like never before. Look at cost reporting, cost per tenement, cost per drill hole. CorePlan helps you to plan and budget better, by allowing you to forecast your cost and completion. ****CorePlan works by ****establishing a single point of truth where the whole team can go to work, ensuring that your reports are always accurate and up to date. In fact reconciling data is a whole lot easier and simpler using CorePlan. You'll be wondering why you didn't use CorePlan sooner!

Have Financial Governance

Monitor, track, and measure your costs like never before across your organisation. Be more on it than a car bonnet! CorePlan is here to streamline invoicing and help you to be more abreast of your projects than even in your wildest dreams. You can monitor breakdowns of drill progress by each project, allowing you to track against the budget and track costs across drill production. You can approve drilling and schedule rigs in near real-time, all whilst monitoring drill production and costs.

Save time

You'll save time by no longer having to wait for weeks to find out how a project is tracking and then panicking because it's gone over budget. Get a breakdown of all drilling costs with an easy way to review and reconcile invoices sent by your contractor. Full audit trail on individual daily Plods as approved by the geology team. Streamline your systems by using a single point of truth in all your reporting, gone are the days of tracking down data and people. You can also track all pre and post-field activities to ensure data is captured correctly and that the project is compliant.

Collaboration FTW

You can get peace of mind knowing your entire team is working from one place: everything is logged and everything auditable. You can verify if things have been done, ensuring that never again will a project grind slowly to a halt when you've lost paper plods to a rogue gust of wind. CorePlan empowers teams everywhere, giving them the right tools to work and allowing them to collaborate at a project level. And because your team is collaborating in one place there is one single point of truth, so you know all data collected is correct and up to date.

Contract Management & Reconciliation

Take the guesswork out of contract management by being able to load your drill and laboratory costing information directly into CorePlan. You can reconcile directly from your plods so that you can budget your drill programmes as you go and have live views of your costs as you drill. Moreover, you can complete sample dispatch workflow for sample consignment, allowing you to track samples from site to lab. Filter your laboratory costs by batch, tenement, project or analysis in real-time making it easy to approve invoices.

TL;DR: CorePlan works to benefit your business by automating your workflow from end to end. Simplifying the whole process from start to finish, allowing you to work online or offline from wherever you are.

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