3 Effective recruitment strategies to find geologists and offsiders

Sachee Perera

March 26, 2021

Western Australia is experiencing a major labour shortage with mining exploration companies and drilling companies finding it more difficult than ever before to find geologists, drillers and offsiders.

Search engines, online job boards, and social media platforms have made it easier than ever to find and apply for jobs.

This post will give you three different avenues to use to get more applicants that are not Seek or recruitment agencies.

There are several digital channels you can use to reach job seekers, promote new positions, and attract the top applicants relevant to your field. It can be difficult to determine which are best for your company and to successfully implement them. 

1. Website 

Most job seekers conduct their research using search engines such as Google.

Your website should be developed in such a way that it attracts prospective applicants. Once they arrive, your website must provide engaging information about your business and job opportunities.

Your career-focused pages should describe who your company is and include details about your company's culture, values, and work climate.

You can also use a main employment page to link to other pages about your company’s history, mission, and other important details.

This digital recruitment process requires improving the pages of your website so that they appear in search results for particular words and phrases. This is an excellent approach for focusing your efforts on reaching for job-related searches in your industry.

For example, if someone wants is looking for a job, they’ll likely search something like “drilling jobs in kalgoorlie.” or “geologist jobs perth”

Having your employment pages and job opportunities on your website help google show candidates near the top of the page for searches like this, otherwise potential applicants may not find you at all. A missed opportunity!

2. Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns are another way to improve your visibility in Google results. This advertising model allows you to place advertisements for particular keywords in search engine results.

For example, if you’re a drilling company located in kalgoorlie, you could place ad in the search results for “drilling jobs Kalgoorlie WA.” 

If a searcher clicks on your ad and sees your website, you will be charged. However, if they are not interested in your work opportunities and do not click your ad, you would not be charged a cent, making PPC ads one of the most cost-effective recruiting techniques.

3. Social media marketing

Social media has evolved into a key marketing channel for a wide range of reasons, and recruitment is no exception.

And in the current worker shortage we are experiencing, this is by far the most powerful channel to use to get in front of your active and passive job seekers.

Linkedin is particularly valuable to reach roles like geologists and exploration managers. However roles like Drillers and offsiders may be better geared towards Facebook and Instagram.

You can list open positions at your business on LinkedIn and Facebook. When people search for opportunities on the site, they will discover yours and visit your company's profile to learn more about you.

These listings work the same as on SEEK, Indeed etc and both Facebook and LinkedIn also offers paid promotional options to help you reach potential applicants.

A super easy way is to share your job ads (whether they are posted on SEEK, LinkedIn or Facebook) to groups where your ideal candidates might sit. There are plenty of groups for drillers and geologists on Facebook 

Beyond standard job posts on the platforms above you can also use targeted ads to reach new candidates.

This would require you having an understanding of your ideal candidates and using LinkedIn or Facebook ads to specifically target these candidates. (feel free to reach out to us via chatbot and we can give you a few more pointers or refer you to someone that can help you with this)

An active social media page full of photos of company events, activities around your office, and links to various company news and accomplishments will make your prospective candidates much more confident in their decision to apply.

Inviting your staff onto CorePlan

Once you’ve found the perfect fit and hired your new driller or geologist you can easily invite onto CorePlan. Just enter their work email, choose their role for the correct permissions and you’re good to go.

Once on the platform, CorePlan offers your staff the right training on how to use the tools that are relevant to them using an array of one-on-one and digital resources.

You can learn more about CorePlan, the all-in-one platform for mining exploration and drilling companies to run their operations here.

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